Our Vision: Living on Target

Our Appointment With God

Scripture teaches that every person will stand before God and give an account for their life. Steele Creek Church of Charlotte exists to prepare people for that day. We make it our aim to live in love and service to Christ, our homes, the church, and the world. Everything we do as a church focuses on growth in these four areas.  Every Christian should strive to live a life that is pleasing to God so that when we meet Him face to face we will hear Him say "Well done, good and faithful servant".  Steele Creek Church is a place where you can find find and build genuine relationships with people.  We are a community of imperfect people on a journey to see Christ fully formed in us.  

The Four Foundations of Our Vision

Foundation 1: Living in Love and Service to Christ

Becoming men and women of prayer, the Word, and personal worship.

This is certainly the most crucial of all the four. It is our vertical relationship. We cannot live fruitful lives in the other three areas without our Lord. Christ must live His life in and through us!

To become a man or woman of prayer, the Word and personal worship is imperative. Before we can disciple others in their relational walk with God, we must first be faithful in ours. If we violate this foundation, the rest of what we do will simply be religious activity.


Foundation 2: Living in Love and Service in the Home

Placing our homes, singleness, marriages, children and finances in biblical order.

As we live in relationship with God, the first people who should be experiencing our closeness with the Lord are those who live with us. Our vertical relationship with Him should positively affect every horizontal relationship on earth, beginning with our families. Many of us are so challenged in our homes, with our singleness, with our marriages, raising our children, dealing with money, materialism, entertainment, and other activities of life that there is nothing left in us to love and serve the church and the world.


Foundation 3: Living in Love and Service to the Church

Loving the Bride of Christ and being united in purpose. Ministering to the poor, the persecuted and those in need.

When we become faithful in living out the first two foundations, it positions us to function and to love and serve without being two-faced. Now we are able to operate as role models and disciplers, fulfilling our purpose together to serve in a manner that would bring honor and glory to His name – to love and serve the poor, the persecuted and the Church for whom Jesus died.


Foundation 4: Living in Love and Service to the World

Loving and pursuing the lost. Evangelizing and discipling. Giving a clear, authentic witness for Christ and His salvation.

Scripture teaches us that we are not of the world, but we live in the world. We are all here for a divine purpose and that is to evangelize our neighbors and the nations to come to Christ – not only to know Him but also to make Him known.