Beekman, Tom & Mary


Wycliffe Bible Translators
JAARS - Waxhaw, NC



Tom and Mary Beekman have served with Wycliffe Bible Translators in South East Asia for over 22 years. They are presently serving at JAARS – Wycliffe’s aviation arm in Waxhaw, NC.  Tom is working in the Aviation Department as a Turbine Aircraft Trainer as well as an Assistant to the Director for Flight Standards.

These jobs entail screening and training new pilots. Tom is mentoring them in both spiritual and technical attitudes and skills to prepare them to serve Bible translation in remote places around to world. Monitoring and facilitating flight standards in the various flight programs is the other half of the job. Tom will be keeping in touch with the pilots on the field and making some trips to observe how the flying is going and how the flight standards are being applied. Mary continues to produce Sunday School materials for their church in Asia. She is also working on artwork for a literacy project for a New Testament translation. They have 5 children (Daniel 22, Elisa 19, Isaiah 17, Nathan 15, and Joshua 13). They are supporting Bible Translation through aviation.



Brady, Jennifer




Jennifer is part of the Sports Friends International Support Services based out of the SIM International office and is primarily focused on managing the process of planning, developing and maintaining the Sports Friends International training and ministry support materials.

She spends time in Sports Friends' various ministry regions in Africa, Asia and Latin America actively dialoguing with and observing SF trainers around the world in order to define the training needs and priorities of SF leaders and trainers. In addition, she is currently serving as the Sports Friends Recruiting Coordinator. Sports Friends aims to see a movement of churches using sports ministry to transform the lives of youth, their families, and their communities. Sports Friends also acts as an agent to partner churches in the western world with churches in the developing world.



Christensen, Doug & Esther


P.O. Box 7900, North Carolina



Doug and Esther Christensen are missionaries serving with Serving in Mission (SIM). They have been missionaries with SIM since 1988.

Doug and Esther Christensen are missionaries serving with Serving in Mission (SIM). They have been missionaries with SIM since 1988.  They have four children: (Nathan, Andrew, Heidi, and Erica). Doug and Esther were missionaries in Bolivia. In Bolivia, they ministered to both Spanish and Quechuas through a variety of ministry efforts including participation in a house church, literacy work, leadership, finance, orphanage, and hospital.

Doug is currently managing finances and missionary support for over 1,000 SIM missionaries. Doug also travels to South America to perform onsite audits of mission work. He provides financial counsel and encouragement to missionary colleagues, mission supporters in the US, and partner missions agencies overseas.  Doug supervises a few teams of local employees in Latin America using his Spanish speaking abilities.  Locally, Doug is active in reaching teens through youth and sports ministries at Steele Creek and at Jackson Park.

Esther communicates with prospective missionaries from Latin America who are interested in serving with SIM.  She is also active in ministering to Latino children at Steele Creek while their parents attend English as a Second Language (ESL) courses.

Phil and Wren Dante began their journey as missionaries when they were married in 1997. They started out ministering to college students with Campus Crusade, then went on to found a Campus Ministry called CLife. The Dantes have spent the past 19 years reaching out to the youth of our nation. As America is moving further and further away from Christianity, the Dantes have continued to pursue reaching young lives in our public schools with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), is the largest sports ministry in the world. Its mission is to equip coaches, athletes and teachers to use their influence to bring students into a relationship with Christ. After volunteering with FCA for 7 years, Phil went on staff with them this past winter 2015, to help start FCA outreach huddles at new schools in the area, as well as to strengthen and coach existing campuses.

FCA originally focused on high school and college students, but is discovering that elementary schools are ripe for the harvest. During the first semester Phil was on FCA he worked with three public schools and witnessed over 200 students commit their lives to Christ. Phil and his team equipped each of these students with their own Bible and discipled them on how to know Christ and share Him with others.

The Dantes are very thankful that Steele Creek Church of Charlotte has partnered with them on this mission to reach the next generation in America for Christ.


Durham, Paul & Heidi

Ripe 4 LIfe Ministries

Email Website 

It is our desire to go places that have never (or not recently) had an area-wide proclamation evangelistic event and season; places others perhaps have not gone preaching the Good News. Most of our crusades are in Africa presently. What we do unites being missional with proclamation evangelism and equipping the church. It includes Missional Service/Projects-(Good Works), Proclamation Events Crusades/Festivals -(Good News), and Equipping churches and pastors through conferences and camps for sustainable ministry after we leave.

Please do not think of us as only coming in to do “evangelistic events” and then leave. We strive to make a lasting, sustainable, impact for Jesus everywhere we go! More than an event, a “Sustainable Season of Evangelism” that equips believers and reaches non-believers. We always work with and through the local churches. Yes we minister via crusades, conferences, and camps, but we also do much more as we stay focused on the mission God has called us to.

Please visit and peruse our website to learn more about the method of evangelism and disciple-making this ministry exist for.



Johnson, Rex & Carolyn

Covenant Keepers Inc., USA


Rex & Carolyn Johnson are Co-Directors of Covenant Keepers Inc., an international marriage restoration ministry. They were originally married while in college. Two children and 16 years later their marriage ended in divorce. However, 11 years later God restored their marriage, and they remarried in 1992. Originally from Oklahoma, they moved to Charlotte in 2004 to be near family. In 2008 Covenant Keepers Inc., the ministry that helped facilitate their reconciliation with teachings on how to apply principals for marriage from God’s Word, asked them to become co-directors alongside the founder. A short time later the ministry headquarters was moved from Tulsa to Charlotte.

The mission of Covenant Keepers Inc. is two-fold. First, the ministry seeks to facilitate spiritual growth, maturity, and victory in the personal lives of those individuals desiring the healing of their marriages. Second, the ministry teaches how broken marriage relationships can be healed through applying godly principles. The Johnsons desire to see marriages and families restored. Once restored and healed they help couples reach out to others by leading Covenant Keeper groups or becoming involved in other marriage and family ministries. They believe God wants to breathe life into dead marriages. They serve a powerful God, nothing is impossible with Him.


Johnston, Tripp & Alison

Sports Friends International


Serving with SIM, Tripp & Alison use sports ministry as a means to spread the gospel to the lost. Several thousand young people have been saved through this ministry where many people are Muslim. Alison ministers to HIV/AIDS victims with Christ’s love.

Sports Friends is an organization associated with SIM (Serving in Missions) that seeks to partner with the evangelical churches of Ethiopia to use sports ministry for God’s glory. Sports Friends seeks to be a servant resource to the churches of Ethiopia. They do not seek to build a big organization or name for themselves, but instead seek to help Ethiopian churches build effective sports ministries that honor the Lord and advance His Kingdom. Sports Friends began ministering in Ethiopia approximately two years ago. Sports Friends is also partnered with Missionary Athletes International (parent organization of the Charlotte Eagles soccer teams) in certain sports outreach ministries in Ethiopia.

Sports Friends’ vision is to see a nationwide movement of churches across all of Ethiopia using sports to evangelize unbelievers and to disciple existing believers into Biblical maturity. They hope to see hundreds (perhaps thousands) of evangelical churches reaching millions of youth and their families. We pray that many different denominations would participate in this movement and work together in unity and love. They also seek to see the churches of Ethiopia using sports as a tool to reach across the borders of Ethiopia in cross-cultural ministry in fulfillment of Christ’s Great Commission.

Sports is a popular and integral component of virtually every society on Earth. As such, the use of sports by God’s people for evangelism and discipleship purposes is rapidly spreading all over the world. Sports Friends recently attended an international conference of Christians involved in sports ministry, and there were representatives from over 170 different countries, including many countries resistant to the Gospel. Sports ministry is also rapidly spreading in Africa, with over 30 countries involved.

Much of the world-wide focus in sports ministry has been on big events (such as events surrounding the World Cup and Olympics) and on the professional athlete. Sports Friends’ vision focuses on church-based ministry that impacts ordinary people on a grass roots level. They believe Ethiopia can be a leader in the development of such church based sports ministry models. Tripp and Alison previously served in East Africa and are now working in Southeast Asia. Visit the Sports Friends website to learn more.


Lykins, Don & Teena

Dakota Sunshine
Lake Traverse Reservation
South Dakota


Don and Teena Lykins minister through their organization, Dakota Sonshine which is a non-profit Christian organization dedicated to bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Lake Traverse Reservation in South Dakota.

Relationship evangelism is the goal of the ministry which is accomplished by meeting felt needs such as an annual Winter Warm Up coat drive, through community outreach, discipleship ministry and weekly Bible study.   The main focus is the summer youth camp for boys and girls ages 8 to 13 which runs annually from June through August.  Campers are housed for a week of activities on Dakota Sonshine property while experiencing a variety of activities including a high and low ropes course, archery, tomahawks, an airsoft rifle range, crafts, camp fire activities and many other events while learning about the love of Christ in a positive and loving setting.  Dakota Sonshine also hosts summer mission teams acting as facilitators for groups ministering to local towns and housing areas.


M, Wade & Kate

Rapid City, South Dakota


Wade and Kate and their family have begun a new ministry to the Lakota Indians on the reservation in South Dakota. They hope to bring the light and peace of Jesus to an area considered very difficult to minister the Gospel. One of the first things they want to do is establish an emergency shelter for those without heat during the long and brutal northern winters. They will present this vision to the tribal council and hope this brings legitimacy to their presence with the Lakota.

The family believes that one of the things God is going to use to break the oppression on the Pine Ridge Reservation is singing God’s praises. As it says in Isaiah 61:3, “…the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness…” Also in Psalm 22:3 it says, God will inhabit the praises of his people. Wade believes God is going to open doors for them to bring worship music to the reservation and usher in God’s holy presence and to release his joy. Through that praise, hearts will be open to receive God’s love and truth.

The family asks for your prayers as they seek to follow God’s leading on the reservation. If you feel led to help financially please send a gift directly to their address below. Make checks payable to Steele Creek Church of Charlotte and put “church plant” on the memo line so you will receive tax credit.

Wade and Katie M
938 Walnut Ave.
Hot Springs, SD 57747



Murphy, Sean & Shannon

Men in Transition
Chicago, IL

Sean and Sharon are now ministering with Guidance Ministries in Elkhart, IL. Sean is the Outreach Coordinator as well as general minister. He coordinates larger outreaches in the neighborhood as well as counseling, leading Bible studies, mentoring and leading daily ministry to the homeless men. Sean is also able to continue his six year ministry with Sunshine Gospel Ministries in a limited, part-time role. Sean and Sharon have four children: Julissa, Noah, Isaac, and Tiana). Sean and Sharon ministered at Jackson Park Ministries in Charlotte for eight years.



Neal, Jeff & Jennifer

Logos Community Church Harlingen, TX


Harlingen presents a unique opportunity for the church to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ.  The Wall Street Journal reported in 2012 that Brownsville/Harlingen was the poorest metro area in America.  75% have a background in Catholicism.  Unemployment is high and due to the proximity to the border, they face the brunt of the immigration challenges for the country.

Over the course of this last year under Jeff’s leadership, LCC Harlingen has grown from 20-30 attendees to 80-100.  They have shared the love of Christ with people wherever they are.  Discipleship is taking place in Community Groups that meet in homes as well as coffee shops and restaurants around town.  Many who have previously given up on church have now found a home at LCC Harlingen.

Steele Creek Church sends the Neal family to Harlingen TX with heavy hearts and high expectations for God's great plan.


Reaser, John & Rachel

Church Planting Network
Mazatlan, Mexico


John and Rachel Reaser are independent missionaries serving in Mazatlan, Mexico. They have been missionaries since 2001. John and Rachel were raised by their missionary parents in South America. John was raised in Brazil. Rachel was raised in Guatemala. Both of them graduated from the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. They have two children, Daniel and Joshua.

To download a copy of their most recent newsletter, click here Reasers in Mexico Newsletter.

John is co-founder and Mexico field director of "CPN" - "The Church Planting Network". They are committed to partnering with US churches in planting and developing a network of new church plants in western Mexico.

John is involved in every aspect of the church planting process, friendship evangelism, evangelistic outreach events, evangelistic Bible studies, leadership training and development, and discipleship. Rachel directs children’s camps while serving her family as a wife and mother. The Reasers take a three step approach toward ministry. The three steps are:

  • Evangelism in all of its forms
  • Discipleship of new believers by encouraging them to learn God’s word, to worship God with other believers, and to share their faith with non-believers.
  • Developing leadership by teaching lay people to evangelize, teach, administrate, and lead their people.

The Reasers' goal is to multiply their ministry efforts by training national lay leaders for ministry so that they can reach Mexico for Jesus Christ.

Write to them at:

Rio Papagayo #402
Fracc. Ferrocarrilera
Mazatlan, 82013
Sinaloa, Mexico
760.870.4518 (This is a US number that reaches them directly in Mexico.)

Financial Contributions can be made to:

P.O. Box 219228
Houston, TX  77218-9228

Include note indicating contribution for ministry of John & Rachel Reaser.

Sabatino, Rosemary

Crisis Care Training Intl./WEC Intl.
Fort Mill, SC


Rosemary is currently serving with Crisis Care Training International, a ministry of WEC International to children in crisis throughout the world.

This ministry, founded by long time WEC Missionary Phillis Kilbourn, was a reaction to the devastating worldwide suffering of children who, as a result of events beyond their control, such as war, abandonment, disease, and exploitation, experience tremendous pain and trauma. Rainbows' aim is to bring these suffering little ones the promise of hope in Jesus Christ through His Word and the holistic ministry of His Church, whereby they are transformed from Children in Crisis to Children in Christ. Rosemary is a graduate of Columbia Bible College and has served in Dakar, Senegal, West Africa at Maison D'Espoir, a home for rescued street boys. She is, at present, working at the International Office with Rainbows' founder, Dr. Kilbourn, in the production of much needed training materials and curriculum in order to equip workers who have a heart to "suffer the little one" to come to Jesus. Rosemary states that "there are now over 200 million children living on the streets of the World - a number larger than the population of England and France combined. This represents the largest unreached people group in the World - and they are willing, and wanting, and waiting to embrace the love of Jesus - and when they do they become awesome witnesses to the transforming power of the Gospel who can reach the unreachable for His Kingdom's Glory"! For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you, and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11 Contact Rosemary Sabatino at:


Sauers, Ralph & Maridee



Ralph and Maridee Sauers are missionaries serving with Serving in Mission (SIM). They have two children, Luke and Sara. The Sauers have been part of SCCC since 1997.

Ralph and Maridee met in Nigeria in 1977 where they served as single missionaries. Ralph taught in a Nigerian Bible College and Maridee ministered among the deaf. While in Nigeria, God burdened them individually for nomadic Muslims who traveled around looking for food and water for their cattle and had no Gospel witness. They were married in 1979. In 1983, they joined SIM.

They have served in Niger in pioneer evangelism and church planting among the nomadic Muslim Tamajaq (Tuareg) people. They have also served in the SIM USA headquarters in the screening, placement and orientation of missionary candidates. Ralph and Maridee have taught missions courses at The Master’s College in California. They served as Southeast Regional Directors for SIM from 2000-2006. In 2006, they returned to Niger where they were involved in evangelism among Muslims and discipling church leadership in the young church emerging among the Tamajaq people. Maridee also taught in Sahel Academy, the missionary kid school in Niger's capital, Niamey.

They returned to the United States in 2009 to care for Ralph’s aging parents. They will continue to support the Tamajaq ministry as non-residential missionaries and by representing the Tamajaq to churches and prayer partners in the States. In addition to taking regular trips back to Niger to encourage Tamajaq believers through on-going discipling, they will serve with SIM in the mobilization of new missionaries. Another passion they have is to mobilize immigrant churches here in the States for cross-cultural ministry.

SCCC Temporary Housing

Charlotte, NC


The purpose of our Housing Ministry is to ensure that its residents receive the proper guidance, counseling and direction while participating in the program. The Ministry, through prayer and biblically-based counseling, will seek to bring these families and/or individuals into a Christian stable environment which will allow them to return to an independent living status as quickly as possible.