Steele Creek Church of Charlotte has a wonderful opportunity to help plant a church in Umulewe, Nigeria and we want you to be a part of it!


Located in the southern part of Nigeria, Umulewe is at a strategic area of Nigeria where islam, which dominates the north is trying to take ground in the south.  Nigeria is blessed with ample resources, but is fraught with corruption and people are even taken advantage of in the name of Christianity.  As a result, the masses of people are kept trapped in poverty. With God’s guidance we want to take a stand for the true gospel of Jesus Christ and see the people set free from their bondage.

In partnership with the local king – (Eze Duru) of 10 villages, and ECWA – (Evangelical Church Winning All), we have decided to plant a church in Umulewe for the glory of God.  Eze Duru has graciously provided the land where the church will be built without any charge.  ECWA, who has planted over 5,000 churches in Nigeria will be helping to prayerfully provide the required missionary and pastor support and guidance on a day-to-day basis.  They will help to train, encourage, support financially and provide accountability.


Steele Creek Church of Charlotte will help ECWA to select the men of God to serve as the missionary and pastor of the church, provide funding for the physical building and ongoing support thru prayer, projects and mission trips.  Please prayerfully consider how you will be engaged & if you can help support financially, you can contribute on-line here.

The church plant will be implemented in several steps.  Please join us in prayer as we take these steps of faith to see this vision realized.

  • Select and send missionary to Umulewe – Pray that we would find the right man of God for this time and place.
  • Missionary to develop the area in preparation for a church and pastor – Pray that the hearts of the people would be open and embrace the good news of Jesus Christ.
  • Build the physical church structure – Pray that we would raise the necessary funds and that the local construction would be free from corruption and work would bless the local people.
  • Transition the missionary out to other mission work and transition in the pastor to shepherd the people – Pray for a smooth transition for these men, their families and the congregation.

Please pray for the persecuted church in Nigeria.