Go and make disciples of all the nations…Matthews 28:19-20

When Jesus told His disciples to “go,” it was humankind’s first venture into Global Missions. He meant for His disciples to, literally, leave their houses and homelands, to follow His call, and to faithfully deliver the Gospel to those who had not yet heard, those far from Jerusalem. Jesus further instructs believers with these words:
You shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth…Acts 1:8

What Does the Reference to “Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria” Mean?

Here Jesus is referring to places and peoples who are near to us. The term “Jerusalem” refers to the place where we live; “Judea” includes a broader area, which, in modern terms, may refer to our state or region; and “Samaria” is broader still, encompassing the country of our origin. SCCC is committed to addressing the physical and spiritual needs of those close to home.

How Does SCCC Go To the “Ends of the Earth”?

Going to the “Ends of the Earth” is a reference to Global Missions. SCCC supports missionaries serving in Asia, Africa, Mexico, Central America, Europe, Canada, and the Middle East. SCCC considers it a privilege to partner with our co-laborers in Christ.

Special Offerings

Beyond the monies designated for regular missions support, SCCC gives worshipers the opportunity to participate in special offerings, as needed, to bless missionaries and support projects around the world.

Want to Learn More About Global and Local Missions at SCCC?

The SCCC Discipleship Series offers a class designed specifically to introduce its members to mission work. In the Discipleship 6 class, participants learn about God’s heart for missions and His plan to redeem people of all nations. The class presents practical ways for every believer to be involved in the greatest call of our lives: to make disciples of all nations!

Local Missions

From our early beginnings, ministering in the Jackson Park Community of Charlotte, Steele Creek Church of Charlotte has had a heart for people; Lost people! Needy people! Hurting people! Many of these people live in other countries. Some live next door. The members of SCCC want to be available to answer God’s call to reach out to our world – as well as to our neighbors. That’s why our Missions Ministry includes opportunities for Global ministry together with practical, hands-on efforts that give local believers a place to make a difference, a place to demonstrate the love of Christ in a tangible way.

Contact Paul Durham for more information at 704.525.1133.

How Do I Begin?

Prayer…It is the foundational building block of your participation.
Purpose…Why go on a Short Term Mission trip? What is the purpose of the trip? Listen and God will give you His plan.
Pick…What team has God called you to? How will he use your gifts to benefit this team?
Process…Review the Guidelines and Training Manual materials. Read the FAQs for further information.
Patience…Wait on the Lord’s leading. Then be patient with the Missions Team as they process your application. You will be contacted for an interview and/or placement on a team.
Participate…You can do this by being a team servant, well trained, flexible, and mature. Begin to raise the needed support. Be a student of God’s word and be ready to be used for His will.

Guidelines for Short Term Missions Trips

In order to obtain the maximum impact for each Short Term Mission Trip team members are requested to read and comply with the following guidelines:

  1. I will remember that I am a representative of Christ and Steele Creek Church of Charlotte (SCCC). I will attempt to display the spiritual values, moral conduct and likeness to Christ that SCCC embraces.
  2. I will seek to live an exemplary life of holiness and obedience to the commands of God found in the Bible.
  3. I will display a positive attitude and a servant’s heart toward others and give good reports.
  4. Respect the culture and be aware of the host’s distinctive practices of the Christian faith.
  5. Fulfill the requirements of mission training, field policies and debriefing.
  6. Raise the necessary financial support for the trip and request others to pray. I understand that my support funds are due 60 days prior to our departure date. Each team member is responsible to cover funds not raised by that date. SCCC is not responsible for covering the expenses of a team member.
  7. I will submit to the leadership of the Team Leader during training and on the mission field.
  8. I will refrain from any activity that may be construed as a romantic interest toward a national.
  9. I will make the necessary lifestyle adjustments in order to adapt to the culture of the community where the team is sent. This includes refraining from abusive language, drinking alcoholic beverages, using or possessing illegal drugs, smoking and disrespectful attitudes. It may also include altering eating habits, dress and interaction between males and females.
  10. I will not express my political opinions while on this trip due to political instability and anti-American sentiment found in many countries.

Will I need a passport?

All travel outside the US requires a passport. You can obtain a passport from the Post Office at 6300 Carmel Road (Carmel Station), 8920 Lawyers Road (Mint Hill), 11035 Golf Links Drive (S. Providence Station) or 201 N. McDowell Street (Downtown office). A passport application can also be downloaded from travel.state.gov. The passport form must be presented and signed in person at an authorized acceptance facility. A birth certificate is required (no copies – must have original raised seal) and two passport photos are required.

Are immunizations required?

Visit cdc.gov/travel for the most complete listing for the area you are visiting.

How will I pay for the trip?

Each person is required to raise the necessary financial support for their trip. Prayer support should also be a focus in preparing for the trip. Your support is due 60 days prior to the departure date. (This due date is to cover payments made for the trip in advance, i.e. airline tickets, lodging and transportation.) You cannot transfer donations from one trip to another. Each member of the mission team is required to do their part to raise the needed support. Without that support, the team may have to cancel or delay the trip.

What will the support I raise cover?

It covers travel expenses, food, housing, visa or exit expenses, ministry expenses and ground transportation. You will be responsible for obtaining a passport and for covering the costs of personal needs and souvenirs.

Will I need to sign a Liability Form?

Yes. You can download a Liability and Medical Release form here and turn it in to Bob Poole at SCCC.

Will I need extra insurance?

Insurance coverage is mandatory both in the USA and for foreign travel. No exceptions!

Will there be special training?

Mission Training Manual is available. Other meetings will be scheduled on team/trip basis.

What part do Short Term Missions play in the SCCC long term vision?

Short Term Missions are a part of the process that SCCC uses to accomplish our long term vision to spread the Gospel to all people. Short Term Missions helps us to partner with churches and agencies in many regions, helping us to further spread the Gospel. You can download an application here.

Short Term Trips

If you are interested in learning more about Short Term Missions Trips with Steele Creek Church of Charlotte, review our training manual. An application is also available to apply for a trip. There are currently no trips to post.