If you are looking for a smaller, more intimate community of believers to connect with as you continue your journey of following Christ then you have come to the right place. Throughout the Charlotte region Steele Creek has Life Groups that meet on a regular basis for two primary reasons….Care & Discipleship.

We all run into times in our lives when we find the need to have others around us...we call this community. Sometimes we need community for the challenges of life, such as an illness, the loss of a job or family issues. Sometimes we are looking for connection with others to celebrate the milestone events in our lives like the birth of a child, a new job or a graduation. Our desire is to help you find those connections so that you are surrounded by others from Steele Creek where mutual care for one another can be found.

Steele Creek Life Groups are also the place where you will find discipling relationships. Every man needs another man, or two, in his life to lovingly encourage him to continue to grow in his relationship with Christ. Every woman needs another woman, or two, to do the same. As you open the Bible with others in your Life Group you will find this to be a safe place where open and honest conversations can be had, as we continue to grow in our faith and obedience to Christ.

If you would like to be a part of a Life Group, click below and search for the group that best fits your needs.