Online Giving FAQ

Q: Is it safe to give online?
A: Yes. The confidentiality of your data is a priority. Access ACS is a secure site that is supported by ACS Technologies, the largest developer of church management software in the industry. To ensure that your data is 100% secure and protected, ACS utilizes the most up-to-date security technology available.

Q: Can I give using my credit card?
A: Yes. You may give by credit or debit card. Of course, we encourage responsible credit card use when giving to the mission of the Church just like with any other area and method of spending.

Q: Will I incur any fees by giving online?
A: No. There are no additional fees for using this service. Giving online by credit or debit card works just like any other transaction for which you would use these methods of payment. 

Q: Can I make a one-time gift online?
A: Yes. Simply choose “One Time” in the field that asks, “How often would you like to give?”

Q: Can I set up an automatically-recurring gift? 
A: Yes. Simply choose “Recurring” in the field that asks, “How often would you like to give?”

Q: Can I review my giving history online?
A: Yes  Log into Access ACS. Under “Home”, click on “My Overview.” At the bottom of the page click on the link, “My History.”

Q: Will I still receive regular yearly contributions statements from the church?
A: Yes. Your online gift is recorded along with all other types of contributions and reported to you in your regular yearly contribution statement.

Q: Can my online gift be refunded?
A: No. The online giving method cannot accommodate refunds, and the church normally doesn’t refund contributions. If you have a problem, please contact the finance office.

Q: Can I designate my gift to a particular ministry, missionary, etc?
A: Currently you can give to General Offering, Building Fund, Missions General, and Benevolence.  In the future we can add more options as the needs arise or requests are made.

Q: Can I pay for ministry fees (books for classes, deposits for youth ministry trips, etc) through online giving?
A: Not at this time, but this may be an option in the future.

Q: Does it matter which Internet browser I use?
A: No. Access ACS even works with Web browsers on handheld devices like a PDA or smart phones.

If you have additional questions about Online Giving at Steele Creek Church of Charlotte, please contact: