Day #2
by LeAnn Woodard

Dota – God’s Country
Today we traveled to Santa Maria de Dota where the Festival “Esperanza en la Verdad” will take place. This was my first experience drinking real coffee! I had never been a big coffee drinker but knew that if I spent too much time around here that I soon would be. That was the most incredible coffee I had ever tasted. I was honored to call it that and was thrilled to drink it. The poster in the café said it was third in the world – I couldn’t imagine anything better.

Pastor Freddy is the pastor that will host the evangelism training that Paul Durham will give today. We are meeting in his church and will learn what he is calling the people of this area to do. Paul taught us about evangelism and discipleship and how to impact the world around us for His glory. I learned some valuable things from Paul and the word of God as it relates to our mission here on earth.

  • We may not all be called to be evangelists but we are all called to evangelize and spread the word of God.
  • We are commanded to share our faith and make disciples. It is the great commission.
  • It is an active thing. “As you are going you are to make disciples.” As we are growing and learning we are to bring others to Christ. I like to make a note of this as I have often felt like I was not good enough or well-versed enough to teach people about Christ. I should remember that if I do nothing else but plant the seed of Jesus in someone’s heart that God can do the rest.
  • When we are born again, we receive explosive power from the Holy Spirit. In His power we should be confident and bold doing all He calls us to. We should also be kind and responsible, doing everything in love.
  • Fear is one of the main reasons that we do not share our faith. We should walk by faith and trust that God will use us for His glory if we let Him.
  • Since we are baptized in the Holy Spirit – we are empowered by the Holy Spirit and given fruits of the spirit. People will know you are Christian because you possess the fruits of the spirit.
  • As Christians, we are called to no longer live for ourselves, but for Him alone. He lives in me and it is His life. For this reason alone, we should keep our eyes ever fixed on Him and His will for every moment of our lives, seeking him through prayer, word and worship.
  • We come to Him because we are in Christ and seeking Him in everything, we a enjoying our lives in Christ and He is fulfilling us through His work. Because we seek to please Him, we don’t live governed by rules, rather, guided by light. We do things the right way because we love Him and because we are complete in Him.
  • If necessary, we can pray for love and compassion for the lost do that we are eager to spread the good news. This way we can spread the word from a place of love and not judgment or condemnation.
  • Pray for non-believers by name knowing that we can share with them and plant the seed but that the Holy Spirit has to move for them to be saved. Pray for God to open their hearts and be open to His word and ask God to provide the opportunity to share.
  • We must also pray for God’s protection over our lives for His work as the devil will come to kill, steal and destroy those that love Him.
  • 90% of people are shared the message of salvation and turn to Christ by a friend or close relation.

Before Christ I was…
Guilty of Sin
Had something missing
Was dead spiritually
Afraid to Die
In Christ I am…
Free of Sin
Satisfied and Fulfilled in Him
Alive in Christ and Empowered by the Holy Spirit
No longer afraid of Death
Darkness to Light
Fear to Peace
Loneliness to Love
Emptiness to Fullness

The lessons from “The Woman at the Well”

  • The Lord showed her how, when and where to worship – That it doesn’t have to be at a certain place at a certain time.
  • The Lord loved her enough to tell her the truth in love
  • No matter what your spiritual background, you can come to know Jesus
  • He will use us to change people’s lives
  • We can learn how to build important relationships with non-believers by visiting with them, praying with them, providing them with comforts such as food, clothing as needed, loving them and meeting a need. If you bless them, it speaks to their core, opens their heart to the love of Christ. What we do for the least of these, we do for Him.

To let people know about Christ we must

  1. Take the initiative/ Be obedient
  2. Love them enough to tell them the truth
  3. Pray with them and let the Holy Spirit move
  4. Build a relationship with them
  5. Share the gospel
  6. You have planted the seed – SUCCESS! Now it is up to God to make up the difference through the work of the Holy Spirit, to move in that person and work it out for His good.

Today I had spoke a short testimony of God’s calling on my heart for this trip and I had the privilege to LEAD worship for the first time ever. I sang “El Espiritu de Dios Esta en Este Lugar.” In was a humbling and spirit-filled experience to sing with a congregation in their native language. My only regret was that I didn’t linger on the song a little longer or sing it one more time through as it was like singing with the angels. It was a heavenly sound, one that I won’t soon forget.

It was minutes later that I would find out that we would be on a radio show in the next couple of days and that I would be singing live on the radio. I was honored, and humbled to tears. I remembered not being nervous at all because I knew I had so many praying for me and that the Holy Spirit would sing through me and His voice would be heard. I have had my share of challenges in life when it comes to self-worth and boldness in Christ. I must say these experiences have now been overshadowed by the grace and power of the Holy Spirit which has filled me while I have been here in Costa Rica. His provision and love have been overwhelming.

On this journey, we have a guy named Juan that takes us where we need to go and interprets for us when we need it. He is an insanely talented man of God who is going to do phenomenal work for the Lord. When Paul and Juan preach together it is like a well-oiled machine. I believe Juan was made to be a preacher, a worshiper, a teacher, an interpreter, a musician, a friend and so much more. We had the privilege of meeting his lovely mother and beautiful family. We had coffee and hung out for a while. I was nice enough to test my Spanish skills by telling his mom about the sweet thang that Juan has waiting on him back on the peninsula. Her name is Kengi and she seems to be very much in love with Juan. He resisted her charms when they first met but it didn’t take her long to profess her love for him and vow to make him hers. I will pray God’s will over the two of them.

There was a special moment shared by Frances Mace and Juan’s mother. Juan’s mother recently lost her husband and so they are both widows. Frances prayed over her and asked the Lord to give her renewed strength and courage in her new life without her husband. It was nice to meet such a nice, God-fearing woman. She has so much to be proud of in her handsome, talented son. Gracias a Jesus para un dia increible!