Day #3

Hearts Will Be Moved

Today I am praying that the Holy Spirit will use me.  I pray he will fill me with wisdom, grace, compassion, love, boldness and truth as He uses me for His work. I now know that through your power I can praise Your name in public, corporate worship. How else will You use me today? Please prepare the hearts of those that we will see today, open their hearts to You so that they will see You. Open their hearts so that we may reach in and plant the seed of the Holy Spirit. We know that when we speak with love and truth on behalf of the Holy Spirit that You will be glorified and hearts will be moved and changed – forever and ever AMEN.

We visited in homes around Pastor Freddy’s community. His church is called Poder Divino.

#1.  Miss J – We met this lady and her mother and her seven children. Janet had been the victim of incest. Abused for years by her father and impregnated by her father, his guilt was finally exposed and he killed himself before being brought before the law. Her children suffer from mental illness due to the incest and they struggle to make ends meet. They live in a structure that barely keeps them from the elements. There is a dirt floor and no running water. I prayed over this young lady and the Holy Spirit was speaking so loudly that I couldn’t figure out what language to speak in. It was like the Holy Spirit was giving me words in Spanish but I was so moved that I couldn’t trust the words He was giving me. learned to just listen and be open to His voice and nothing else.

#2.  Miss V – I knew that the first experience with Janet was one that would change me and the way I listened to the Holy Spirit when I was praying but I had no idea that He would show up in such a big way with the next home visit. Her name is Andrea. She is 29 years old and she has 6 children by 4 different men and she is suffering from a sexually transmitted disease that is slowly killing her. She has the most beautiful spirit and seems to really trust in God’s plan for her life. I truly believe that God will heal her through her faith.  (Andrea and I are FB Friends and she continues to speak of how God has touched her through our meeting and she continues to have faith in His healing and provision.)

#3.  Miss A – I do not know much about Ana but that she has 3 children and prays for health and provision.

#4.  Mr, D – His mother was not home but his brother and several other siblings were. Juan was moved to speak to these young men about Christ and he planted the seed of faith in them. We gave all the kids candy and invited them to join us for the festival. 

We provided all the above families with the word of God, prayer, school supplies and food.

Though we had little to offer in the way of material things, we had so much in the way of intangible things!