by LeAnn Woodard

As I embark on this journey, day #1 of my first mission trip, I am suddenly nervous and anxious. I know what it is God is calling me to and I suddenly feel inept. I know that I cannot do the very thing I have been called to do. I can’t possibly do the very thing I have committed to do for this organization and for His work. I know that I am not worthy nor am I capable of any of it. As I search for truth in his word, He gives me the answers that I seek. He gives me Mark 1:1-4 and Isaiah Chapter 35 and Chapter 54. The words are laid out before me exactly how I need to see them and in the very moment that I need them. Thank you, Lord, that you always provide the words to empower me for your work. I knew in that moment that it was true,

The Lord gives you exactly what you need when you need it when your only desire is to do His will and live completely for Him. And from that moment on I have chosen and will continue to choose to walk in His truth for my life. Won’t you do the same? Below is an interpretation of how the Holy Spirit spoke to me in His words above.

You are my beloved

The devil is at work today - he has been for a while…
Planting seeds of doubt, distrust, disbelief in what you can do…
The thing is – it isn’t about what you can do
It’s about what you can’t do without Him
No, it’s about what He can do through you.
I know that Your word says that we are to be strong, to not be fearful.
Should we not step boldly with Him as He is the one that will be glorified
And He will have the victory.
After all, He comes with a vengeance!
And with Him – Everlasting Joy and Peace…
You, my brother
You, my sister
Are baptized in the Holy Spirit --
Will you not then execute the very will of the one that abides in you –
And you in Him?
Don’t you want to hear those words,
You are my beloved,
With you I am pleased.