by LeAnn Woodard
Pastoral Administrator

Born in a manger, the lamb of God came
He grew into shepherd, then died on the cross to erase your blame
You know Him as shepherd and servant, all the same
He comes to show grace – not to throw blame
Eternal life he gives to you, not eternal flame.
I know it must have seemed strange that this one so small,
Would be the one responsible for the salvation of all.
But rest assured my brother, He will come when he is called-
To be your Lord and Savior – to be there when you fall.

Hello SCCC Families!
Come out and join us this Sunday, December 11 here at the church to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Festivities begin with an exciting lobby experience at 5:30. Then, in our sanctuary at 6:30, we will celebrate the GOOD NEWS of EMMANUEL, God with us!
This time of year, it is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the world. Instead I ask you to stop and reflect, remember and honor the One that gives us everything.

This year’s theme is Through the Eyes of a Shepherd. It is about a Lamb, a Shepherd, the Savior of Man. A lamb so pure He is the ultimate sacrifice, a shepherd so loving and attentive He is the perfect father, A savior so forgiving, He is the eraser of all sin.  Come, discover what He means to you, come discover what you mean to Him!
The Lamb, The Shepherd, The Savior of Man
You’re the lamb, you’re the shepherd
You’re the Savior of Man
Here I am before you waiting
For new life to begin.
Out here on this journey
I am feeling all alone
When I feel beside me
A lamb guiding me home.
Where is it we’re going?
To see a gift our Father sends?
Bearing all our sin and shame
And life that never ends?
When you see the shepherd walking out amongst His sheep
Know you have a Savior that never ever sleeps
He is taking care of those sheep that are awake-
Knowing He’s the one that makes the ground before them quake.
Where is that shepherd going?
Where is that star that’s calling?
How does he know where to go?
It’s as if he has his own shepherd
Pulling him to and fro –
Could it be the spirit drawing?
Could it be a savior calling?
Unto the city where the new born babe
has come to be- The Holy Trinity?
He’s the Lamb, the shepherd the savior of man –
The savior of everyone.
Now I know you’re asking – How can it be?
How is this one – all of these three?
It is true He is the one –
The Father, Holy Spirit and Son.
He is the lamb, the shepherd and the savior of everyone.
Blessings to you and yours!