by Dale Shields
Benevolence & Care Pastor

The Benevolence and Care Ministry is the Compassion Ministry of SCCC. The Bible teaches us that the church is supposed to take care of each other in crisis situations and when our family members are struggling (Acts 2:44-45). The Benevolence and Care Ministry is the major arm of the church that physically carries out this ministry. When there are needs that arise such as rent, power bills, water bills, etc., the Benevolence Ministry meets with our brother or sister and assesses how the church can help. We understand the struggles and hardships of life because everyone goes through them.

We also understand that there are many people who struggle with many different kinds of addictions. We are on the front line to help with counseling and rehab. Drug addiction has become an epidemic in our nation and in our city and we have helped many people find hope and freedom through Christian drug rehabilitation. When the Son sets you free, you are free indeed.

Because of the many mental and emotional struggles in life, people need a safe place to go to get help and work their way through their problems. We provide that safe place in our Christian counseling ministry. We also provide other Christion Counseling resources outside of the church for those who need it. You never need to feel like you are alone in your struggles. Jesus is always there and your church is always there.

The Benevolence Ministry has a Temporary Housing Program. This program will house families from six to twelve months in apartments close to the church. This is a program that uses prayer, biblically-based counseling, financial training, Christian mentoring, and spiritual discipleship to help families return to an independent living status with principles that will help keep their lives stable.

It is the heart of the Benevolence and Care ministry that the Gospel may be shared and experienced by all who come here. We recognize that the church has a mandate to minister to all people, so we minister to those who are non-members as well. Jesus Christ is the answer to all of mankind’s problems. Everyone needs to experience His grace and redemption. Our ministry team consists of Pastor Dale Shields, Pastor Mike Ingram and Sharon Lothian.