by Paul Durham
Missions Pastor

My name is Paul Durham and I’m the Missions Pastor here at Steele Creek Church of Charlotte. My primary responsibility is to communicate with and care for our missionaries. In addition, I meet with new missionaries who are praying about going out to the field. As the missions pastor I encourage everyone who contacts the church concerning missions. We pray together, discuss mission organizations, strategies, systems, callings, spiritual gifts, fundraising and much more. 

On this occasion, I’d like to take this opportunity to share about one of the mission organizations and special projects that we are partnering with to reach the world for Christ.  We are participating in an endeavor to collect 1,000 special access shoeboxes for children in countries that are closed to the gospel. We partner with Samaritan's Purse – Operation Christmas Child to accomplish this task.

Imagine you’re a child (or the parent of a child) and you have never received a gift in your life. Life is hard and you’re just struggling to survive. You’ve been taught your whole life to follow and serve only Allah, the Islamic god. Furthermore, you’ve learned to be suspicious of Christians and the Jesus they speak about. Then one night, a man comes to your home and delivers a gift in a shoebox with many items that you and your family need, and perhaps even a fun toy or two. This man tells you that the gifts are from Jesus and that Jesus loves you very much. Then he proceeds to tell of the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross so that you can have a personal relationship with Him – a God of love.

Many children and their families are experiencing something like this through the love, prayer, and shoebox gifts that Steele Creek Church and Operation Christmas Child are going to provide. Thank you for your heart to serve in missions, and please pray for our missionaries and the many avenues God gives us to share the gospel around the world.