Ken & Gwen


Assisting in ministry at Institut Missiologique du Sahel (IMS) to train God’s people for world missions.  Christians in Africa are increasingly embracing the Great Commission and former French colonies in Africa are becoming increasingly engaged in mission.
The IMS is on the forfront of training mission leaders, mission mobilizers and missionary trainers for the growing mission movement in West Africa.  Students from 12 different African countries have studied missions and leadership at the IMS in Bukina Faso and are now serving as mission catalysts all around Francophone Africa.

Muanica, Abel & Christa (Hyde)


Nurmay Missions, Kenya



Abel and Christa were married in January, 2012 and are serving with Nurmay Missions in Mombasa, Kenya.  Nurmay, founded by Abel in 2008, comes from the Swahili, Nuru kwa Makabila Yote, which means “Light for All the Tribes."  The vision of Nurmay is to reach the unreached tribes, including Muslims, with the Gospel of Christ.  To that end they have various projects in effect.  The agriculture project allows Christian and Muslims to work together and has served as in-roads to reaching hostile Muslim communities. Many people in remote areas have accepted Christ through watching THE JESUS FILM for the first time in their native language.  In these remote areas with new converts Nurmay also has a discipleship program to teach and disciple these new Christians. 

Nurmay has planted 2 churches in areas where there was previously no Christian church.  Abel and Christa are building a training school to train, equip, and send out missionaries (specifically Africans) to take their part in the fulfillment of the Great Commission.  To learn more about the ministry of Nurmay please visit the Nurmay website

Shores, Shannon and Lindsay

Word to Africa
Botswana, Africa


Both Shannon and Lindsay have a strong background in social work/family development through their experience as live-in counselors at group homes for at-risk/abused youth in the U.S. They also have a strong testimony in purity and are passionate about helping young people develop healthy relationships and strong marriages.

With 70% of the population being under age 24 due to the AIDS epidemic where 1 in 3 have AIDS and the life expectancy is 27, there are a lot of young people needing guidance, discipleship and people with the Shores’ experience and heart to get involved in their lives. Lindsay is in the middle of her Master’s in counseling, and intends to use these skills to help youth who’ve been through tremendous loss due to AIDS, and were often forced into harsh conditions/abusive situations to survive. Lindsay also hopes to help in the Lorato baby house where she and Alexis can love abandoned children in need of hope.

Shannon will use his gifting in teaching and preaching to help at the Bible Institute, youth group, and to mentor young men to be leaders in their families and communities.

Both will also continue helping guide the social service development of the mission as well as Sports Mentorship Programs for the boarding students (including children of leaders from other nations) to have a positive outlet to learn characteristics such as discipline, teamwork, self-esteem and about the love of Christ.